Paintball Markierer Smart Parts Shocker NXT - VorfĂĽhrmodell

Paintball Markierer Smart Parts Shocker NXT - VorfĂĽhrmodell
  • Paintball Markierer Smart Parts Shocker NXT - VorfĂĽhrmodell
  • Paintball Markierer Smart Parts Shocker NXT - VorfĂĽhrmodell

Paintball Markierer Smart Parts Shocker NXT - VorfĂĽhrmodell

VorfĂĽhrmodell !

Der Markierer weist  Kratzer und Gebrauchsspuren auf; ohne Zubehör. Er ist voll funktionstĂĽchtig.

Details Smart Parts Shocker NXT

  • Seal Forward Technology - This Smart Parts innovation places the breech seal o-ring in the breech, instead of on the bolt, providing a perfect seal against blowback without producing rate of fire limiting bolt-drag.
  • True Electropneumatic Design - Just like the original Shocker, and all of the Smart Parts lineup, the Shocker NXT is built on a true electropneumatic design. A precision, fast acting solenoid valve drives the bolt and valve system for unbeatably quick operation with minimal vibration.
  • Simple 9-volt Powered Operation - Because of the very low power consumption that true electropneumatic operation provides, the Shocker NXT electronics are able to achieve a long operating life from a standard 9-volt alkaline battery.
  • Multi-Gas Operation - While the tournament world is dominated by compressed air, the low operating pressures of the Shocker mean that in scenario games where reloading times are few and far between, it can take advantage of the high number of shots per fill provided by CO2.
  • Break Beam Vision - The latest and most reliable anti-chop Vision technology is fully incorporated into the Shocker NXT body with no external wires or wire covers.
  • High Efficiency Bolt - The HE Bolt assembly, which was an often-purchased option for the Shocker SFT is standard equipment on the Shocker NXT. Its increased air storage volume, increased volume flow path and gas supply control maximize the number of shots available between gas fills.
  • Integrated Air Rail - The Shocker NXT grip's integrated rail system allows standard dovetail air system accessories to mount directly to the grip frame or use traditional inline mounting screws.
  • Rail Mounted on/off ASA - Positive air system control means longer o-ring and solenoid life for screw in gas supplies. The easy to clean and rebuild design of the Smart Parts on/off ASA means a lifetime of reliable operation. The integral dovetail mount matches perfectly to the Shocker NXT grip frame's integrated air system rail for solid adapter free mounting.
  • Feature Packed Grip Frame - A built-in snatch grip and expanded trigger guard with generous finger space are complimented by threaded lock pins which make the trigger, circuit board and on/off button easier to change yet more secure. Recessed frame screws disappear into the grip frame for a cleaner look.
  • Four Point Adjustable Trigger - The fully adjustable Shocker NXT trigger can be dialed-in to suit any taste. Adjustments for trigger pre-travel, activation point, post-travel, and return resistance may all be made at the trigger face without needing to open the grip, remove the trigger or remove the grip frame. The trigger may also be removed for cleaning or upgrade while the grip frame is in place.
  • Standard Barrel Threads - The Shocker NXT uses the Smart Parts standard barrel thread found on the Impulse, Nerve, Ion and SP-8.
  • High Volume Regulator - The new Shocker NXT regulator offers increased flow rate for maximum velocity stability. The integrated velocity lock prevents pressure adjustments from being made without tools, making the Shocker NXT 100% tournament and field legal.
  • Vertical Regulator Mount - The Shocker NXT Vertical ASA features a longer and wider mounting surface for greater structural integrity and a more forward offset placement providing more grip space around the NXT regulator.
  • Sculpted Ball Detent Assemblies - Left and right spring loaded ball detent assemblies are multi-axis CNC machined to integrate seamlessly into the body. They prevent double feeding and provide easy access to inspect and clean the break-beam Vision eyes.
  • Harder Anodized Aluminum Finish - The new Shocker NXT anodized aluminum finish is harder and stronger than ever before, to keep the Shocker looking good even under the most abusive tournament or scenario conditions.
  • Positive Grip Friction Feedneck - The Shocker NXT Feedneck is equipped with a pair of internal o-rings that give it a positive grip on a wide variety of loader neck sizes. A new, stronger mounting thread specification keeps it solidly installed in the Shocker NXT body.
  • Backwards Compatibility - Shocker NXT main assemblies can be mixed and matched with Shocker SFT main assemblies and key components. Existing Shocker SFT owners can upgrade their paintgun to NXT performance or bring many of their Smart Parts and aftermarket accessories over to use on a new Shocker NXT.


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